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Play time>>> ad

If you needed money, you should’ve beg on street.


Tucking trags

Too many ads

I can’t play this game in peace for at least 20 seconds without an ad popping up on my phone it’s ridiculous





The Ads! ):<

It's an ok game, but the amount of ads makes the game virtually unplayable.


Four because it bribed

Ads for days

I’m convinced all the good reviews are payed for, you literally get an ad every ten seconds, and every 5 seconds you get an offer to watch an ad! It’s ridiculous!!!


This game is a great game or would be if there wasn’t an ad every 30 seconds. Also pretty much all the reviews are three stars and lower but magically the game is rated 4.5 stars which is totally bs. And whats weird is that this company makes a lot of games I like but this one just ruined it for me.


This game is hilariouslet fun lol!


Very good

Love it

It is personally the easiest tapping game! You do not get this stuff on FARM games. Keep up the great work PLAYGENDARY!

Good game

It is a pretty good game



Ads are bad

Too much ads.

This game is awesome. I DONT SE A POSOM


Ur stupid

Ur stupid

It’s ok

It’s kinda fun, it just hurts my fingers and it’s sometimes frustrating


Its an okay game tbh.

Sooo. Many. Ads. Ugh

I read the other most recent reviews, and against my better judgment I downloaded it anyway. I got exactly what I should have expected. A decently fun mindless game with so many ads you can’t actually play for more than 45 seconds at a time. I really don’t mind ads in free games, I understand that the app developers deserve to make some money, but this is ridiculous. You literally do not get to play for more than 30-45 seconds at a time before another ad is up and running. It’s too bad, because it’s an ok game otherwise. But I’m deleting.


Just rating for the diamonds... thanks 🙃🤷🏽‍♂️

Very nice

Very addictive game can’t stop playing

Muito bom


It's aight

It's cool i mean I love the art style and it's addicting so why not it's a fun game.

The Problem Of Muns

So I’ve noticed that this is a cool game, but the problem is that there are too many ads in this game. Every 30 seconds it give an ad to you and forces you to watch it, no matter what. The developers are trying to make money by forcing players to watch countless ads. Second, it is too hard to make a precige, or wat ever it is called. Making it so far, just to reset to get 1 precige and it is so frustrating cause I just reset and I got so mad. I clearly dont recommend this game due to this. I’m Evan Glitch AUs the gamer and I’m out.☯️


Allaround good game there are to many ads and its to muc hj to remove them


too many ads. wow, never seen anything like it. deleting immediately

To much ads

Why is there so many pointless ads every minute

Not dank

This game is not dank

Good game

The game is so cool i play it every day

Cool game

I like it all my friends play it plz make updates


Hi my name is Haylee and I’m in 4 grade I love your game but I do not like all the ads and how much yu want ppl to pay to get a 1 year or 1 month that’s a lot of money fir a not that good game so frik y’all and ya game cuz it’s not all that


In this game there’s ladies dancing around and showing their butt and breasts and that is certainly not in a game!!😡

Lots of fun

It is a lot of good fun you can swipe back and forth and get a ton of money there is a cat that does it for you when you are playing maybe also it might do it when you aren’t playing the game


There are way to many ads in the game. Standing alone by itself with no ads or the occasional ad every once in a while would be tolerable. However, they bombard you as soon as you open the app with ads and it gets ridiculous! I’ve been playing it for a couple months and had to take a break from it because of all the ads! I recently went back to play it again and was still met with the constant bombardment of ads! It’s to a point where it is the last straw and I would not recommend downloading this app solely because of all the ads. Currently deleting because of the developers greed.

Good game

Pretty good game


Love the app



I love it

I love the game it's so easy

love the game

great and addictive


I can say this is an awesome game but I have a small problem. I was doing fine until I got to level 8. I was doing everything to level up but it wouldn’t work. If you could fix the bug, that would be great.

Only in it for the money

It’s a good game I have too say, but the amount of ads in it and how much is costs for a “diamond subscription” is just insane. If you play for 20 seconds you’re bombarded with ads. The best way to steer clear of this is to turn of your WiFi and cellular data if you have it because if you don’t you won’t get a good experience. But still doing this isn’t good if you use multiple fingers to tap because as soon as you hit a chest that just popped up on screen it says “Oops no internet”. Also what you get with a diamond subscription is barely any thing for what the price it is. You can get a free trial for three days but cancelling last minute means you have to pay eight dollars because it automatically subscribes you to it and the eight dollars are only gonna give you a week of the “membership”. One month costs twenty bucks and a year is one hundred dollars. Try to avoid this creator because they only want the money. I don’t leave reviews often but this one was so bad I just had to.

An amazing game

This game is so addicting and fun.

Pretty tough

I like it a lot


I love turtles




I like it



Best game

This is a good game


The best

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