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Good game

Good game Iove it




I like this game

Way to many ads

When I bought this game I expected it to be fun and not have ads every time you get out of the store but no every time you level up or get out of the store there’s an ad this is basically earned to make money


I like the game just to many ads to enjoy it


A good game no issues exapt that the ads every minute but pretty fun with the money gun and the levels are pretty fun and I love it so much and fun to do and pretty awesome I would never actually throw my money at people with money except homeless people 😂


This game is beautiful


So fun

Too many ads

Way Too many ads

Lol bubble butt love this’s game

This is funny I think that I almost peed my self but gems should be a little bit easy to get

Same level

I just got the game and it does not pass level 7 it won’t work I have tried every thing

Not worth it

It’s a fun game, like I understand why some games have ads, but Jesus Christ you can’t even play the game as much. Once you play you get an ad for.. me it’s not worth it.

Fun tapping

Love this game

Fun game but...

It’s a great game like AdCap, but with a party theme. The main problem with this game is the ads they shove down your mouth. It’s really annoying when your upgrading your character and when you click of it plays an ad. This is the only reason I don’t play this game very often.

Super bad game

My first time downloading this game was today when I open it automatically took me to subscribe for 7.99 a week but a free three day trail so I end up trying it gives u good stuff so not even five min to the game it started spamming me to buy chest even if I did not have gems I press skip but it kept popping up until I got enough gems to buy it and then another cheat pop up I had to delete the game and unsubscribe in no less than 10 min i mean it a decent game but not worth it u can’t even play the game because of pop ups. I recommend u go play a game similar to it or don’t play at all don’t waste your time guys.


It’s fun when you are very board


Did this for gems

Love it

It’s so much fun!!!


So I like The game and all but there is sssooooo mmmuuucchhh aaaaaaaaadddddsssss .


Best game

6 g g g g g g g g

G g g g


God game

It’s a pretty fun game

I don’t have any problems I think it’s pretty fun


Good game

Okay I guess

I wanted gems. Sooooo

This is so fun

This is so fun.

Making money

This game shows what it feels like to be a millionaire

I just did this for the 20 jems

It said that if I rate it then I get 20 jems... soooo

Way too many ads

This game is a clicker game which I like. It's also kinda fun and the fact that they have different locations, powerups, etc. is what makes the game okay. But. Way too many ads. This game would be a lot better if there weren't ads every 30 seconds. Yeah, every 3 minutes is okay, but 30 seconds? No way. I am deleting this app pronto.


Needs different music and more things to do then just tap or it gets old but a good game to keep u occupied when u wanna play a brainless game


Good game for when your bored


Pretty fun

Awesome but not the ads

This game is awesome. I have a ton of fun when I play this game. The only thing is that after the main tutorial you have to watch ads to get everything. Please Playgendary fix this problem!!😔😭


I spent 4 dollars to get rid of ads and there r still ADS 👺👹🤮😡🤬❌

Best game ever❤️❤️

Love this game❤️❤️❤️❤️

Good game


Won’t let me go past level 9

It won’t let me go past level 9

I love this game but l hate it at the same time

The game is very addictive and fun but I don’t like how you have to Prestige at level 10 the game is also very easy too. For me the best thing to do in the beginning was to just to upgrade my money. The first time


Great games :)


So many cool stuff and you don’t need the dimoned membership

To many fricking ads

Alllll the time I’m spammed with ads I hate it




really fun




Fun game




Way to many ads can’t enjoy the game



Ads ads ads ads

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a game with so many ads. Wow. Couldn’t take it so I deleted it after about 20 minutes of gameplay.

To much Adds

The game is sweet! But the amount of adds you have to watch is so weak it is insane!!!! Dis game is driving me nuts!!!

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